Biscocho (plebeians) wrote in tubeyoucrew,


1. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
2. Family Matters
3. What not to Wear
4. The Lawrence Welk Show
5. Strangers with Candy
6. Ahhh! Real Monsters
7. The Dog Whisperer
8. MonsterQuest
9. Made
10. Wishbone
11. Say What? Karaoke
12. Legends of the Hidden Temple
13. South Park
14. Animorphs
15. Frasier
16. Tiny Toon Adventures
17. Next Food Network Star
18. Jeopardy!
19. Wheel of Fortune
20. The Today Show

1. Norm MacDonald
2. Phoebe (Friends)
3. Greg Brady
4. Ken Jennings
5. Connie Chung

favorite moments...
1. Tom cruise couch jumping on oprah
2. my memory isnt working too well but i'm watching old tiny toons clips on youtube; this one is awesome

3. on one episode of America's Next Food Network Star they had to make special spices and package them for potential "buyers". This one girl was pumped about her sloppy joe mix and thought she was gonna win, but the guest judge was unveiled and it happened to be Martha Stewart & the girl freaked out like "omg i'm done for, martha will not like sloppy joes" and she cried and stuff. And then it cut to Martha's judging of the foods and she was like, "I am not giving her good marks because I do not eat sloppy Joes"
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