before and after science (smallvictories) wrote in tubeyoucrew,
before and after science

new shows, old shows, dvd shows, whatever

what's everyone watching this fall?
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house, heroes, scrubs, metalocalypse, the simpsons

catching up on: dead like me, carnivale, everwood

interested in: pushing up daisies (?)
I don't think Pushing Daisies is any good (it's very Amelie, American Style), but I do love Kristin Chenoweth.
I've been trying to watch through all of The Wire, anticipating the new season in January. I'm right at the start of season 3 right now. I've also been trying to see all of the US The Office, which I poo-pooed for many months but realize is pretty good.
i made fun of the american version of the office too, at first. it just seemed like another awful rip-off. oops.
- the return of curb your enthusiasm!
- extras
- kitchen nightmares
- the office
- gossip girl (so awful but i can't stop watching it!)
- catching up on big love
- waiting feverishly for the return of battlestar galactica
House, heroes, Grey's Anatomy (shut up I'm addicted and the first to admit it's not really good)

I want to be watching: Weeds, Battlestar, LOST
how could i forget weeds?


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

the office (us)
america's next top model

i might like dirty sexy money? the first episode looked promising?
curb your enthusiasm

i wanted to check out Dirty Sexy Money but only because of Krause and Sutherland. i love that you can watch ABC shows rather nicely online because now I can watch all their guilty pleasure awful shows (Grey's Anatomy) when i'm truly bored and not have to worry about remembering to watch them.
Dexter (when it comes on sunday!)
LOST (dying to know what happens next. Part of me thinks they NEED to end it this season or it will be ruined.)

I'm also working on catching up on big love!
awaiting the new season of Tim & Eric!
& some 30 rock
Carnivale 2
Deadwood 2
Battlestar 3
Six Feet Under 4 & 5
Family Guy 6 (inevitably)

Will probably start watching The 4400 and Dead Like Me as well, and if I can get hold of Dexter, that too.

Old stuff-wise, will probably watch a bunch of Cowboy Bebop and GITS:SAC again, as it's been a while.
Curb Your Enthusiasm
America's Next Top Model
The Office
I Love New York 2 - starts next week!
oh yeah and 30 Rock!
I'm not really interested in any of the new shows. But over the summer I got caught up on The Office, Curb Your Enthusiam and 30 Rock so now I'm looking forward to actually seeing them on TV.

And Heroes. Definitly Heroes.
Pretty much what everyone else watches - The Office, 30 Rock, House, BSG. I'm watching some new shows, but we'll see how long that lasts. I'll be giving Reaper several shots, at least, if only because Ray Wise deserves to be playing evil incarnate on my television every week.
IT Crowd
excited for 30 Rock
The Office

IT Crowd is sooooo awesome! Just finished the first season. Need to get on with 2 and 3.
I've been watching The Unit so much, I may have to surrender my bleeding heart liberal ID card.

I'm still keeping up with House, Weeds, Dexter, Ugly Betty and Californication.