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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
1:48 am
Reality TV quote of the year - 2009
From NYC Prep:

Douchey prep school guy: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Retarded prep school girl: "Like, a philosopher."

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Thursday, March 26th, 2009
8:39 pm
1. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
2. Family Matters
3. What not to Wear
4. The Lawrence Welk Show
5. Strangers with Candy
6. Ahhh! Real Monsters
7. The Dog Whisperer
8. MonsterQuest
9. Made
10. Wishbone
11. Say What? Karaoke
12. Legends of the Hidden Temple
13. South Park
14. Animorphs
15. Frasier
16. Tiny Toon Adventures
17. Next Food Network Star
18. Jeopardy!
19. Wheel of Fortune
20. The Today Show

1. Norm MacDonald
2. Phoebe (Friends)
3. Greg Brady
4. Ken Jennings
5. Connie Chung

favorite moments...
1. Tom cruise couch jumping on oprah
2. my memory isnt working too well but i'm watching old tiny toons clips on youtube; this one is awesome

3. on one episode of America's Next Food Network Star they had to make special spices and package them for potential "buyers". This one girl was pumped about her sloppy joe mix and thought she was gonna win, but the guest judge was unveiled and it happened to be Martha Stewart & the girl freaked out like "omg i'm done for, martha will not like sloppy joes" and she cried and stuff. And then it cut to Martha's judging of the foods and she was like, "I am not giving her good marks because I do not eat sloppy Joes"

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Friday, September 12th, 2008
10:23 am
Amazon is having a HUGE TV on DVD sale right now. Some great deals I saw were Extras: the Complete Series for Black Books: The Complete Series for $30. The complete Spaced is $40 cheaper on deepdiscount.

I'm finishing off my collection of The O.C. and buying Seasons 1-3 for $65.


And for those who haven't seen Peep Show or That Mitchell and Webb Look, the entirety of both shows can be found here on youtube.

Current Mood: devious

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Sunday, July 6th, 2008
1:45 pm

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Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
8:12 pm
never trust buddy garrity.

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Monday, January 14th, 2008
10:48 am
american gladiators 2008 edition
If you are not yet watching the new American Gladiators you should be. I seriously, serioualy laughed non-stop for about the first five minutes of the first episode. MAde even better if you watched the recent Daily Show where Jon Stewart says, "This is not a modern man!" because you will think of it every time you see TITAN and it makes it that much better (Although TITAN on his own is already the funniest man on TV). SERIOUSLY, WATCH THIS SHIT

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
2:59 pm

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Friday, December 7th, 2007
1:33 pm
You know...
If I were to apply today, I would have to change my app so that my top TV moments would include Nip/Tuck spoiler from season 5Collapse )

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
2:00 pm
oh hell yes, im such a tv whore.

twenty shows:
doctor who
the oc
the x-files
the office
queer as folk
the l word
veronica mars
instant star
degrassi (all versions)

god, that sucked. lol i feel like apologizing to my other favorites for leaving them off!

five personalities:
--ted raimi, king of geek.
--gale harold of 'queer as folk', back when that show was on. probably my favorite fictional character of all time, played by a fucking BRILLIANT actor.
--billie piper. adorable in 'doctor who', SMOKING HOT in 'secret diary of a call girl'.
--allison mack, the only reason i willingly watch smallville.
--rainn wilson. the man's comedic timing is worth its weight in gold....you know, if comedic timing could actually be weighed.

three moments (YOU'RE KILLING ME HERE!):
--xena leaves a mortal ares with the promise that, though slim (one in a billion, to be precise), there is maybe a chance for them. (xena, 'coming home'.)
--spike hugs a cross, his flesh burning as he begs buffy: "can we rest now?" (buffy, 'beneath you')
--rose promises the doctor that she will stay with him forever; absolutely heartbreaking when you know what's coming next. (doctor who, 'army of ghosts')

ETA: oh, well. thanks for playing!

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Sunday, November 4th, 2007
7:17 pm
My TV gets no reception
Top 5 places to torrent TV shows.

Top 5 ways to help me figure out how to make them work on my computer.

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7:33 pm
mst3k robots web cartoon starts this week

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
2:15 pm
writers' strike

so whose favorite shows are fucked?

they say heroes might end in december this year, & no word on how house will fare.

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
11:19 am
Hey Tubeyoucrew!
I can't remember if I ever asked about these shows, but has anyone been watching:

Peep Show?


What are your favourite new fall shows, based on the 2-3 episodes you've had a chance to see?

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5:56 am
-The Avengers (Diana Rigg era)
-Twin Peaks
-Six Feet Under
-House M.D.
-Kenny vs. Spenny
-Arrested Development
-Project Runway
-Northern Exposure
-Dirty Jobs
-Ren & Stimpy
-Black Books
-Home Movies
-Oh Canada
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

-Vincent D'Onofrio as Det. Robert Goren (Law & Order: CI)
-Hugh Laurie (in House, Blackadder, and A Bit of Fry and Laurie)
-Dylan Moran as Bernard Black (Black Books)
-Patrick MacNee as John Steed (The Avengers)
-Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo (Golden Girls)

-Brenda: "Don't you throw that ring at me. It's such a cliche, I'll fucking barf." Nate: "Fine. Then barf." (Episode: "I'll Take You," Six Feet Under)
-House cuts into his patient, Hannah, with no anesthetic and withdraws a giant, 25-ft. parasitic worm. (Episode: "Insensitive," House M.D.)
-The Bluth family realizes their money was in the banana stand. (Episode: "Top Banana," Arrested Development)

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
10:05 pm
I applied to a handful of rating communities a few years back. I got into the two I really wanted to (flickyoucrew and 33 overs), but of the few I got denied to, this is the one I wish I’d made it into. Seems pretty inactive around here recently, so maybe it’s not worth my time to reapply, but I’m bored enough to do it anyway.

1. Twilight Zone
2. Night Gallery
3. Deadwood
4. Simpsons
5. Futurama
6. The Soup (and the old ones with John Henson)
7. Carnivale
8. Late Night with Conan O’Brien
9. Arrested Development
10. Curb Your Enthusiasm
11. The Office
12. Big Love
13. Sportscenter (From April to October, and Sundays through February)
14. Cops
15. Saturday Night Live
16. South Park
17. The Real World (and the spin offs… guilty pleasure)
18. Extras
19. Undeclared
20. The Blue Planet/Planet Earth


1. Al fucking Swearengen
2. Rod Serling (Twilight Zone, Night Gallery) - Great writer, great host.
3. Billy West (Futurama, Ren and Stimpy) - One of the best voice actors ever.
4. Conan O’Brien
5. Terry the gay roller blader from Reno 911!


1. Swearengen pisses out his kidney stone in Deadwood.

2. Nate tells Brenda he wants a divorce on his death bed in Six Feet Under. I fucking hated that bitch.

3. “It’s not fair… It’s not fair at all!” The ending to the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last”

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Monday, October 15th, 2007
1:25 pm
there needs to be more cunnilingus on television

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007
4:59 pm
why didn't you tell me about boston legal sooner?

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Monday, October 1st, 2007
12:54 pm
new shows, old shows, dvd shows, whatever
what's everyone watching this fall?

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
11:38 pm
hey guys!
im trying to get on tv and i need your votes to help me out!
please go there and vote!
i appreciate it so much.

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1:39 pm
I am a ten-year old girl.
Anglerfish linked to this show. I haven't watched any anime shows in a long time. I like the old anime shows like Gegege no Kitaro & Lupin III. I hate most of the recent stuff after a few episodes but this one keeps getting better! I love it. Denno Coil


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